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Have you ever felt like you just want to sit down and talk to a nice, friendly robot? Was Cleverbot too...strange, or unfriendly? Well, ChatEngine has got you covered. Feel free to talk to it at any time.

Responds Quickly

Were you ever talking to another chatbot, like Cleverbot, and found that it takes so long to respond? ChatEngine is usually much faster. You should get a response no more than half a second (normally, a quarter of a second) after you hit enter!

From cats to dogs...

and from universes to robots...

API Features


It's almost as smart as Cleverbot! If you miss the old, easy-to-use Cleverbot API (with a library of course), this should work just as well for you. Not to mention, it's very easy to use even without a library! Simply POST with JSON, and get JSON back.


Have you ever thought Cleverbot was a bit slow? Well, look no further. With speeds exceeding Cleverbot's response times, you can get a response just about as soon as you request it.